About HeartCry!

HeartCry kind of evolved as we started recording our CD’s. We wanted people to feel God’s Heart coming through the songs He gave us! There is no way we could do any of this without the Holy Spirit! HeartCry means. the cry of the heart! There are people out there who are crying out. God hears them, and we wanted to give them a way of finding God’s heart with words and music.

Our music began together in 1971. We didn’t begin with HeartCry until 1999, when we officially got HeartCry as an assumed name for our ministry.

The words HeartCry is the name I heard when we first began our music ministry. Two hearts in love with Jesus, each other, and others! With our gifts and talents, the Lord gave us, we wanted to reach out and do whatever we could for the cause of Christ. To share with others what the Lord has given to us.

We have made several CD’s over the years, but lately the Lord is having us play some of our first recordings from 1999 and 2000. Several people have responded with. where has this music been, you’ve been holding out on us. They really wanted to hear these songs and music. Most of them I have written. Betty wrote one and I put music to it. We believe the Holy Spirit wants these songs out there now for the hungry souls with a `heart cry’ for God. music for the soul and spirit!

Lonnie Hammer

My first experience with a piano was when I was just a boy around 8-10 years old. We had an old upright Grand Piano in our house. My Mother sent us kids to a piano teacher for a while, but I wasn’t interested. I didn’t want to play the way the teacher taught and didn’t learn much, so my Mom stopped sending us. It was later, when I was around 12 or 13 years old, that I went with my sister and her husband to a singing concert to hear Quartets like. Stamps, Blackwood Brothers, and Statesmen. I was inspired, like never before when I heard them sing and their pianist play. I wanted to learn to play like them! I asked my Mom if she would give me piano lessons again, but with a different teacher. It took a little begging and lots of `please’, assuring my Mom that I would try and learn. I liked the way this teacher played. Later my Mom arranged the lessons at our house and they went very well. I took lessons for maybe a year. I made very good grades on my assignments and it all started to come together from there. I am so grateful to my Mom and piano teacher for giving me the opportunity to lean to play. I learned to play by notes at that time, but later I started playing everything by ear. It just came so natural and easy for me.

Betty Hammer

Lonny and I met in 1961. three months later, November 3, we married!! I didn’t know he could play the piano and he didn’t know I liked to sing. After we married we realized the combination and began to get involved with different singing groups. We traveled from town-to-town, and eventually started our own group, The Hammer Family.

We also led praise and worship in church for around 10 years. Lonny was over Praise and Worship for about 5 years. He also received his minister’s license and we traveled, sang and he preached the gospel. We never went full-time but worked and did our singing on weekends, or when we had time off from work. Our love for the Lord and singing for Him was our life for most of our young adult lives! Eventually Lonny started writing his own songs and we recorded them.

We also love the old gospel songs that never die but live on and made several CD’s with the oldies but goodies. We never quit singing or recording but we no longer traveled. Later in life we pulled out our CD’s and began to play them again in the Life Group we attended. Many would encourage us to share our music, so here we are. sharing what God has given us! We pray each song will bless you and lift you up in Jesus!

Our Music

We started singing soon after our marriage over 50 years ago. Our music covers the gammit of styles. However the thread that is woven into all our music is a HeartCry toward heaven.

The Reason for the Season CD

Heart Cry CD

Living Hymns CD

Music from the Heart CD




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